An awesome header is now within reach!
I'm pretty sure not everyone of us is tech-savvy and making a header is one of the things that most of us are having problems with. So I searched the internet and found the perfect site for people who want a pretty header without having to know the ins and outs of Photoshop and it is

Canva is a graphic design software that's pretty easy to use and it's FREE. All you need to do is sign up and make an account and your wonderful header is now closer to reach.

After signing up you'll be given a few choices on what dimensions you want and you could choose from various ones but I decided to use custom dimensions since I want the size to perfectly fit my blog.

After that, on the left side you can see different choices for the text font you want and they also have some programmed font combinations if you don't really know what will look good together so that's another plus! 
If you want to add some cute little banner or graphics you need not to look anywhere else because when you press the search button it will lead you to something that looks like the one below and you could choose from various lines, banners and shapes so that your header would be perfect for you.
My finished product is the photo that I used above and as you can clearly see it looks pretty tacky but it's because I wanted to add most of the features Canva has to offer.
So try this site out and show me what you did!

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