Make Me Up (Entangled Ignite) (Killer Style) - Avery Flynn

Make Me Up by Avery Flynn

Cover: 3
Plot: 3
Characters: 4


Overall Rating: 3




When I got this book from Netgalley, I did not know what to expect because I forgot what the synopsis was all about.


Make Me Up by Avery Flynn was a pretty good book but to be honest nothing really spectacular. It wasn't the kind of book that makes me want to hang on word per word, it was the kind that made me skim some pages. One minute the characters was an inch from dying and the next moment they would be making love in the next scene which was really confusing for me.


I know with all the adrenaline it would really be plausible for that kind of thing to happen since they need to let some steam out, but the way it was written didn't really grip my attention. I'm not sure if this book is part of a series but the story started out with Drea and Cam in a party and Cam does something to Drea which she believes was an end-gamer for their relationship.


It was really confusing for me how fast the story went, one moment the characters are on the brink of a fall out then one moment the heroine is accused of murder and has to rely on the hero. It was just a roller coaster of activities which I wasn't too sure I enjoyed riding.


Because the story was fast paced, I felt that I haven't had the time to fully have a grasp of the characters especially Cam. He was first shown as a total playboy/douche but after a few chapters there was a complete 180 degree turn. He had a really depressing childhood but that wasn't given much emphasis and it was just mentioned in passing like a picture from his past and a brief mention of his history.


Because of that I haven't really been able to really appreciate Cam's character. Drea was African american which really made this book a lot more interesting for me Interracial romance novels are a dime in a dozen and seeing it in this book was like a breath of fresh air. Drea was a very great character who never took shit from anyone and just was so in control of her life which I really liked.


I guess this book would have been better if it was longer because even though it was 200+ pages in it, it was just full of activities that it seemed the book was short and choppy.


What I liked about this book was the action part because it was really thrilling and not something common. Another was the interracial romance which I mentioned above. Despite the fact that I mentioned a lot of things which I didn't like about the book it was still a good but just not something I would eve re-read.

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