The Untouchables - J.J. McAvoy

The Untouchables
Ruthless People #2
Publication Date: January 22, 2015
Also in this series: The Untouchables

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One Secret. Multiple Casualties. Everything Melody Callahan has ever been told about her past is a lie. Her father lied. Her husband lied. But like all secrets…they come out. Not only is her mother, Aviela, alive but she won’t stop until she tears down everything Liam and Melody have spent the past year building.

With a new target on their back and the media now focused on their family as the Presidential election approaches, Liam and Melody must fight on two battlefronts. Melody is torn between being in love with Liam and wanting to kill him for lying to her. Being in love and showing love are two different things in her world. Liam wants to do anything to protect his family even if that means hurting the people he loves.

Family is everything… but what happens when they’re out for your blood? Everything they have been through is nothing compared to what is coming...

Warning: This book contains adult language and subject matter including graphic violence and explict sex that may be disturbing for some readers. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


This review will be gif-filled because a picture shows a thousand words imagine how much words could a gif show? If you don't like these types of reviews then this is the time for you to stop reading.


Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5
Overall Rating: 5

After reading:

Freaking Mind Blown.

If you thought that nothing could be better then you thought wrong.

The Untouchables was a book that kept me on the edge of my feet and I was so amazed how there were so many plot twists because one moment you would be so sure that that person is the bad guy but then something happens to make you change your mind and believe he's the good guy but then ANOTHER twist comes that make you think the bad guy is really a good guy but is a bad guy pretending to be a good guy. Compared to the first book, Melody was a lot more toned down due to her condition which was totally understandable. But she still is kick-ass.

“I am Melody Giovanni Callahan, cute is not the adjective used to describe “I am Melody Giovanni Callahan, cute is not the adjective used to describe me"

I loved how compared to other books where it's always the male who has to deny his previous entanglements with other people here it was the other way around which I thought was hilarious.

"They were just men. I love you. I care about you, and you’re my husband. None of them mattered.” 

Olivia was still a bitch but she was a little more likeable in my opinion.

I have a love-hate relationship with the so many POVs in the book because on one hand I really appreciate it that all the characters are given at least one chapter to give their characters a little more life. For example I never really viewed Liam's father Sedric as a hot man, but when I read his chapter, my views changed because that man has skills which shouldn't have really been a surprise to me because he did sire Liam and Liam has amazing skills if you know what I mean. But the downside to the many POVs was that I felt that I wasn't able to get much POVs from Melody and Liam compared to first book.

The ending ended with a cliffhanger which completely shocked me. So now I am excited for the last installment.

Received digital edition from author in exchange for an honest review

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